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well i know my blog is mostly about me bitchin about shit i cant do shit about but i got a friend request from Missy the girl i wrote about in my last blog that im in love with that works with me and i was so happy because i thought for on second i was on her pretty little mind, but two days later she gets in a relationship and im not gonna lie it kinda broke my heart cause this type of situation always happens i see the girl i would just love to be with going out with some one else when i know deep down in my heart i could make her feel so good physically and mentally i see her and see the most sweet kind sexy cute woman. i know i know im married so its not this could never happen nothing could ever come of this but just to know that she liked me or wanted to be with me or was attracted to me would just make me feel soooooooooooo good .But the worst part is she is so sweet and old school she would never evvvvver fuck with a married nigga like me witch makes me want her more. I feel like such a bad person constantly wanting what i cant have or woudnt no how to get in the first place. i felt so depressed it really took me out my zone and once again makes me feel so grown and confused

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